Research and Markets: New 2013 Report ‘Web Domain Name Sales in the US’ says The Industry is Set To Flourish Even Further Over the Five-Year Period To 2018

29 August | By Research and Markets |


Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Web Domain Name Sales in the US” report to their offering.

Logging on: The industry expands as businesses and consumers increasingly move online

The Web Domain Name Sales industry has thrived over the five years to 2013, despite a spending slowdown during the recession. Businesses’ mounting demand for internet presence, coupled with individuals’ increasing desire for personal web space, has driven revenue growth over the period. With the recently announced expansion of web domain name suffixes, the industry is set to flourish even further over the five-year period to 2018. Coupled with mounting demand from internet publishing and broadcasting and growing demand for personal domain names, industry revenue is anticipated to grow at a strong average annual rate.


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